30 Okt 2009

The Complexity of Gasoline and The New Generation of Cars

People know that they need gasoline to make their vehicles run. The complexity of blending gasoline to fit the needs of the evolving combustible engine is just mind-boggling.

Where Gasoline Comes From

Gasoline begins as crude oil found deep below the earth's surface. Even now, the gasoline is nowhere close to being fit to use in our cars.

The Production Cycle of Gasoline for Vehicles

The virgin gasoline has to now be blended with hydrocarbons plus a host of other necessary hazardous chemicals. The engine is a mechanical marvel but only when gasoline has been properly blended, do our cars work properly. Gasoline Seasonal Price Changes

Cars are run in all types of weather. What Is Summer and Winter Gas?

Even though our cars may warm up the running of the fuel in our engines in cold weather as opposed to warm weather, the gasoline must have the ability to evaporate quickly to fire in the combustion chamber of vehicles. A molecular change is made to winter gas to help start the engine of your cars easier and protect the internal parts. More Processes and Additives of Gasoline.

Can the Gasoline Complexity and Price ever End?

Alternative fuel cars are hitting the streets hard with the newest and freshest ideas ever for fuel free vehicles. Sweden has already declared to be fossil fuel free with their cars by the year 2030.  In addition to being totally free from exhaust, these two different types of vehicles use absolutely no gasoline.

As we humans make more of an impact on our planet's well-being car manufacturers are becoming more focused on creating environmentally friendly cars. Now what this means is that they are building cars with less harmful emissions and many motor insurance companies reward drivers of these cars with lower premiums, however, there was a problem. These cars were never good looking or particularly affordable and they performed, well, as if they were running on batteries.

Lexus LF-Ch Compact Hybrid Concept

Reliability is a huge part of Lexus' repertoire and this hybrid will be no different.

Audi R8 e-tron

With four motors powering the R8 it really does encapsulate the spirit of the Quattro name.

The other guide Cars

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28 Okt 2009

The Begin FTI – It’s Works!

The Begin FTI – It’s Works! Adalah sebuah awal mengapa kata ini begitu popular untuk sebagian orang didunia ini. Mengapa?? Karena sebagian orang tersebut adalah Mahasiswa/i Fakulatas Teknologi Informasi di Universitas Al-Zaytun Ang. 2008 sedang mempunyai tugas membuat blog tentang FTI – It’s Works!. Atau lebih jelasnya ialah bahwasannya tugas Information System Administration / ISA ini dengan kata kunci FTI – It’s Works! Digoogle diharuskan blog meraka Mahasiswa/i yang mengikuti kuliah ISA ini agar blognya masuk 2 halaman pertama digoogle jika diketikkan FTI – It’s Works pada search engine google.

Kembali lagi dengan permulaan FTI – It’s Works ini juga saya kurang tahu pastinya kapan dimulai kontes SEO ini kalo’ saya lebih memandangnya. Karena ini bukan hanya sekedar tugas kuliah yang hanya membuat blog, tapi juga anda dituntung menjadi teratas diurutan google jika seseorang mengetikkan FTI – It’s Works. Nah disinilah letakkan keseruannya <> atau lebih tepatnya disinilah anda dituntut creative gimana nantinya blog anda berada diurutan teratas. Dan itu semua berbuhungan dengan SEO atau kepanjangannya Search Engine Optimization. Jadi gimana anda akan selalu berbuhungan dengan search engine seperti google, yahoo, dan lain sebagainya untuk anda nantinya mengoptimalkan fungsi dari search engine tersebut terutama untuk blog anda yang kata kuncinya FTI – Its Works!.

Oke, itu saja artikel ini sebenernya pengen ngomongin awal mula kata FTI – It’s Works dimulakan. Ee..hh taunya malah ngawur kemana – mana, tapi ada penjelasan dikit tuch tentang SEO. Jadi kalian harus mengerti bener tentang tehnik SEO ini agar nantinya blog kalian khusunya mahasiswa/i yang ikut kuliah ISA bias berada pada rengking teratas untuk search google atau apalah. Oke, see you Later.
Oh ya satu lagi bagi anda yang ingin tukeran link comment diartike ini aja dulu, Ma’kasih.
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25 Okt 2009

What You Should Consider in Buying Used Motorcycle Parts Online

When you buy motorcycle, you don't assume it to be working for the rest of your life. Some of its parts will be torn and time will come you will need to replace them one by one. This process may be stressful so you should be prepared since you need to replace your motor parts in so the problem will not be developed into worse scenario. Neglecting the change of parts will more likely to cause trouble not just to your vehicle but also to you, it can cause accident which will put your life at risk. There are lots of shops today that offers used motor parts.

Most of them are web based so you can easily access when making purchases. Used motorcycle parts online are sought after by more people globally because it's very convenient and affordable compared to buying brand new ones in motor shop outlets. Buying used motor parts online can be done easily in the comfort of your own homes. Even if you are at the office, internet café or in any other part of the globe, you can easily make your purchases through the internet.

It has been one of the most economical and fastest ways of buying the things you need without spending much of your time and money. You don't need to spend hours of traveling from one state to another just to find the parts you are looking for. Through the use of the web, you can easily find the things you are looking. When you found it, that's the only time you will go to the place where you saw the motor parts. This is very convenient especially if you are a busy person. There are lots of shops that sells used motor parts online. Through modernization, they convenience and comfort is truly within your reach.

Since an online based shop uses minimal capital on actual operations, they don't charge higher than what the consumers can afford. This goodness is passed on to consumers that's why buying online is cheaper than any other shops today. The only thing you need to assess is the shipping. Most shops today are fraud that's why consumers are being advised to look carefully for an efficient website. This is to lessen the risk of being fooled when you buy used motor parts online. Shipping fee is often shouldered by consumers, and the fee is depending on your location.

Online auction is one of the best places to find the cheapest used motor parts online. You can easily place your bid according to your budget. Although, not all who placed their bids became successful, there's no harm in trying because you might be chosen as the lucky one. You can also check the yellow pages, salvage yard and others. Salvage yards also offers online ordering system. You can choose among the available parts and placed order, once you're done, you can visit them if they confirm the availability of the used motor parts online you are looking for.
By B Travis

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22 Okt 2009

FTI – It’s Works!

Mungkin judul artikel ini agak aneh yaitu FTI – It’s Works!. Tapi apalah sang author, jika menulis artikel yang kurang ada gunanya. Yach.. FTI – It’s Works itu adalah tugas kuliah untuk isa untuk mahasiswa fti ang.2008 sich yaitu mahasiswanya disuruh oleh dosennya bernama pa’ dadan untuk membuat blog yang nantinya blog tersebut harus terindex digoogle dengan kata kunci FTI – It’s Works tapi klo saya dulu disuruhnya dengan kata kunci Server INS001 tahun kemaren.

Mumpung saya orang biasa yang lagi tak da’ kerja apa – apa coba ikutan dech tugas ini walaupun sebelumnya pernah coba juga sich tapi waktu itu belum terindex digoogle di urutan pertama dan kedua. Nah mudah2an dengan artikel ini blog saya dengan kata kunci FTI – It’s Works! ini akan menjadi urutan blog pertama jika seseorang mengetikkan kata kunci tersebut.

Oke, untuk temen-temen FTI ang.2008.. yang semangat bwat blognya. Karena jujur dech, nie tugas kuliah yang paling asyik menurut saya bwat blog apalagi dengan FTI It's Works sebagai keywordnya, ternyata digoogle masih jarang, Coz saya jadi punya situs sendiri yang online 24 jam walaupun masih numpang ama blogger.com and gw jadi online gk hanya buka situs jejaring social aj’ kayak facebook or friendster dulunya. Oh ya.. bagi temen2 yang ingin tukeran link kasih taunya, mudah2an dengan menjalin silahturrahmi didunia blogger ini jadi lebih indah, oke hidup FTI It's Works. Haha… That All.

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20 Okt 2009

Saykoji - Merah Putih

*Kita adalah satu bangsa
yang menghadapi beberapa changenest
dari sabang sampai marauke
ia adalah merupakan satu kesatuan kebangsaan
ia adalah satu nasional entity
ia adalah pula satu kesatuan kenegaraan
ayo bangsa indonesia
revolusimu belum selesai

*Merah putih berkibar begitu gagah
cerminan akan bangsa yang perkasa
kuhormati dengan penuh rasa bangga
indonesiaku bersatu sepanjang masa

*Merah putih, hormaat grakkk!
buat semua bangsa lain tersentak
kibarkan sang saka dengan serentak
harumkan nama ibu pertiwi serempak

*Di bawah langit biru berkibar tertiup angin
bangga jadi orang indonesia ku semakin
terpacu tuk memajukan bangsa
tunjukkan kita kuat kita bukan mangsa

*Berbeda suku, beda golongan dan agama
bhinneka tunggal ika kami yang pertama
bahu membahu bimbing saling membimbing
berat sama dipikul ringan sama dijinjing

*Ini nusantara kita satu darah
satu nusa bangsa bahasa dan satu arah
takkan kulupakan selama lamanya

*Merah putih berkibar begitu gagah
cerminan akan bangsa yang perkasa
kuhormati dengan penuh rasa bangga
indonesiaku bersatu sepanjang masa

*Apapun mereka bilang tekadku takkan hilang
jalanku masih panjang garis akhir kupandang
jangan lupa kita macan asia
pancasila kita yang menjadi rahasia

*Untuk bisa bersatu dalam satu semangat
untuk membela tanah air semua berangkat
tak lupakan keringat dan darah yang tertumpah
dari para pahlawan negriku aku bersumpah

*Memegang erat bendera merah putihku
singsingkan lengan baju jauh lebihi siku
untuk bang-sa-ku, aku berkarya
sumber a-lam-ku begitu kaya

*Kami tidak takut, garuda di dadaku
semangat empat puluh lima, ada padaku
aku tergugah untuk berani rasanya

*Merah putih berkibar begitu gagah
cerminan akan bangsa yang perkasa
kuhormati dengan penuh rasa bangga
indonesiaku bersatu sepanjang masa

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