19 Nov 2009

Best Time to Buy a Car

Assuming you need to buy a car, here are some of the guidelines to follow if interested in getting the best deal based on time of purchase. The end of the month or last week of the month is usually better than the first few weeks of the month. This is because car dealerships and salespeople have sales quotas. They may be trying to sell that last car or two to reach their quota or increase the incentive to the dealership. They may be willing to bargain a little more at month end to insure they reach their goals.

The best month to buy a car may be December. In most areas of the country it's winter time and cold. While customers purchase cars in December, traffic is usually less than at most other times of year. The above rule about end of month holds true also but I would choose the week before Christmas as most consumers are spending their money on less expensive gifts.

July through October. This time of year is when new models begin to arrive at dealerships and sales begin to move last year's models out to make room for the new models. You may need to contact your local dealerships to determine when the new model of the car you are interested in is going to begin arriving at the dealership. If it will arrive in October and you are planning on purchasing the current year's model, start watching the ad's in newspapers or calling to follow the discounts that dealerships may be offering.

Finally, any time the manufacturer offers financial incentives through cash back or special financing may be the right time for you. While there are no firm rules as to best time to buy, the guidelines discussed may give you an advantage when purchasing your next car.

Steve Hague is the owner of Professional Auto Buying Services (proautobuying.com) and has for many years helped consumers get the best deal on their purchase of a new car. He teaches classes on how to buy or lease a car and on how to negotiate anything. Steve has appeared in multiple media outlets including USA Today, The Providence Journal, and Rhode Island Monthly Magazine. Contact Steve through his website the next time you need to buy or lease a car.

By Steve Hague


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