9 Nov 2009

Driving Tips

People do a lot more driving these days than they ever did before, although I think that more people drove for pleasure thirty or forty years ago. People worked hard, but tended to take the family out for a drive on Sundays. The whole family would go, aunties, uncles, grandparents the lot, crammed into a couple of cars and a scooter. Dealing With Sleeping Policemen: 'sleeping policemen' or speed bumps are a necessary nuisance. Wheel Wise: changing a wheel is a nuisance too, but it is terribly so in the dark or and the rain, in a lane or in the country. It becomes a real nightmare, if you subsequently lose the wheel nuts in the dark. always put the nuts in the wheel cap, but if you step on this and launch the wheel nuts into the bushes, you can still get home or to the nearest garage. Take a nut off each of the other wheels. Three wheel nuts per wheel are enough to get you moving again, but drive very carefully and not fast.

Always keep a pair of working or garden gloves in the spare wheel well along with a small tub of grease remover, some soapy water in a washing up liquid tube and a bar or hand towel in the glove compartment. The prevention is to power wash your battery terminals with soapy water every time you wash your car at the garage or wherever you do it. Wrap around the pulleys and tie tightly.

When Winter driving is always challenging but tends to be especially dangerous for new teen drivers out on the roadway. You can make winter driving safer for your teen by sharing with them the following winter driving tips.

The roof is especially important as snow can fly onto other peoples cars and affecting their visibility. When it's raining, snowing or the temperatures are freezing cruise control is not your friend, so avoid if possible.

Be extra cautious in intersections, even if the roads look fine, they are often icy. Drive slower than the posted speed limits when on highway on and off ramps. Carrying a winter survival kit in your car is never a bad idea as well as having an extra blanket and small shovel on hand. Please share these tips with your teen driver before letting them take the wheel on a snowy winter day.

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