4 Nov 2009

How To Improve Fuel Efficiency and Make Your Car Rims Shine

Nowadays, cars are designed to give a better mileage, and fuel efficiency is a top priority for each and every buyer who comes to a car dealership. .

You can insert a fuel additive in your tank to increase the fuel efficiency of your ride and make it run for a longer distance.

The fuel efficiency of your car can be increased tremendously by replacing your spark plugs and the wires connecting the battery. The spark plugs often wears off after prolonged usage and faulty spark plugs can cause the car to lose mileage.

You can also increase the fuel efficiency of your car by draining the old motor oil and replace the stock oil filter with a new one from an auto repair shop.

By the way, do you find yourself thinking of ways on how you can improve the shine of your car, especially your car's rims? Be sure to buy a solution that is compatible for the kind of rim you have.

A solution that works for chrome rims may not work as well for aluminum ones. Never use a brush with steel bristles because these will definitely destroy the shine of your rims. Once the cleaning is complete you will then need to polish your rims. Some rims are also easier to polish than others. For example, chrome rims are the easiest to shine while stainless steel rims are the most difficult.

It is important also to keep your rims properly polished to prevent them from getting scratched and rusting.

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